We have expertise in a range of sectors, which includes a proven track record servicing the automotive industrial and resources sectors, while our composting programs are second to none.

For more information about environmental waste management in other industries, please contact us.


The automotive, industrial and resource sectors generates a significant amount of “costly” waste. These include waste oil, hazardous chemicals and solvents, cardboard / paper and plastics, to name a few.

Our team at Lesswaste can assist you in not only safely disposing of your waste, but most importantly reducing your disposal costs and impact on the environment. In addition, we can assist with waste and environmental audits, environmental reporting, any treatment of oily water and drainage issues on site, as well as spill and bund requirements.

     Equipment we provide

  • filterPressesFilter crushers
  • spillEquipmentSpill equipment
  • wheelieBinsWheelie bins
  • balersBalers
  • binsBins
  • compactionEquipmentCompaction equipment
  • shreddersShredders
  • environmentalEquipmentEnvironmental equipment
    Items we can recycle

  • wasteOilWaste Oil
  • oilyWater Oily Water
  • cardboard Cardboard
  • paper Paper
  • plastics Plastics (all types)
  • ppe Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • polyStyrene Poly Styrene
  • steel Steel
  • tyres Tyres
  • timber Timber
  • electronicWaste Electronic waste